Sunday, March 20, 2011

Peer Pressure

My sister has always been light-years ahead of me in just about everything. It seems as though now that we are adults our two year age difference shouldn't still mean she gets to do the cool things before me. But, she does! She tried to convince me for years to get a Facebook page and I finally gave in three years ago. She had this little Ipod Touch that I totally didn't understand and now I can't live without mine. On Black Friday we hunted down a Cricut machine to do crafts and I thought she had gone over the deep end. Yet, here I am, not even a full year later addicted after only one week of crafting delight. I'm staying up late stalking Cricut cartridge deals on Ebay and was even talking to my husband in my sleep about making cuts on the Cricut. So, when she told me this weekend to start a blog I decided not to fight it as it was inevitable that I would give in and do it eventually. I am by no means an artist or an expert, but I'm a mom who loves to do arts and crafts and I hope you enjoy sharing crafting ideas with me!


  1. The good news is I am not light years ahead of you on this one! I didn't start blogging until January :)

    I am so happy to see you are finely finding that, as your older sister, I do have some wisdom. Granted most of it is on how to waste time or spend money :)

  2. Well Rebecca is after me to begin a blog too. The pressure is mounting.....I may have to give in! I love your cards and your blog. Congrats on getting it up an running...(the thought sends shivers down my spine)


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