Saturday, April 14, 2012

I am not supermom and that's okay!

Okay, so when my daughter  begged me to hand-make each and every invitation for her upcoming birthday party I will admit that I wanted to say no and go out and buy them. But, then the guilt set in. I make handmade cards and gifts for everyone else and even make cards I'm never going to send to anyone just to enter in challenges or what not. So, of course I said YES to her.  Then I went off to work for the evening. When I got home at midnight I found this on my craft table:

It's the Create-A-Critter book with several post it notes outline which animals and which colors she wants on the invitations. (My favorite part is "From Annie" as if there is another Type A/OCD six year old living at my house going through my cricut cartridges to custom order her invitations).

So, I set off to work. I hated this project from the beginning. She wants a jungle theme which I am just not into. She wanted to use Create-A-Critter which I feel burnt out with. But, I went with it and started cutting out sixteen of every animal. I cut trees, vines, etc; It took me hours. I went to assemble them today and looked at the mess on my table and the mere idea of assembling 17 invitations overwhelmed me.

I looked at the mess on my table and decided it was not worth it. (I actually tried justifying to myself saying the cost of glue would be too much, lol) I assembled two invitations and made color photocopies of them on photo paper to mail to her friends. I am actually very pleased at how they turned out and she is not disappointed at all.

My lighting is bad in the photos, but the photo copied one is on the left - I think they look fantastic and it was a lot less work!

So, in the end it's not what I had envisioned or what she had envisioned, but they are done and we both are happy with the outcome. Sometimes I need to step back and realize that I don't need to be super-mom and that if I'm stressing out over things like this it is defeating the entire purpose!

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  1. Ok...the invites are cute, but can I just say that the sticky notes are absolutely adorable!!! LOVE IT!!! lol



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