Thursday, August 11, 2011

Monkey Business

Well, we are all moved in to our new house and are so happy. My favorite part is a craft room! My husband just keeps starting at all of my stuff in awe that I had all of this hidden and stashed away in our small apartment. Anyway, a small mishap the day we moved in has left me with an ankle sprain and orders to sit and rest which I am absolutely no good at. So, last night we finished unpacking the craft room and today I just SAT and crafted. Such fun!

My son moved out of a toddler bed when we made the move and we bought him bedding from Kohl's that has sock monkeys on it.

I searched and searched for things to hang on his walls. Then, my clever sister over at Crafting Misfit told me that there is a sock monkey on B is for Boy. I went and got that and some cheap frames on clearance at K-Mart and this is what we came up with! (I let him pick all the colors and hats, he had so much fun!)
1. Scrapalicious USA (anything but a card)
2. And for "show and tell" at my sister's blog Crafting Misfit


  1. Ry is going to love those on his wall. They are awesome! I have framed pics you made Caitlyn when she was a baby of Pooh. :)

  2. cute times 3. One for each monkey

  3. Cute Project and blog! Thank you for joining us at Scrapalicious USA Challenge! ~Shelley

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