Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cooking with Cricut: Father's Day (no cards!)

Let me start this post by saying: I love Pinterest. I know a lot of people say they don't get it, and I can totally see how people may view it as time wasted idly looking at pictures. However, for me it is a huge source of ideas and inspiration! The project I am showcasing today came from Pinterest; I would link the original source but it was one of those "dead links" that didn't go anywhere so I don't actually have the original.

This week at Cooking with Cricut the challenge is Father's Day - and NO cards!! I think making projects for men is a challenge because they tend not to appreciate our pretty papers and cute buttons, so I really wanted a project my husband would enjoy and appreciate.

This photo will be printed and framed for my husband's desk at work.

The font is from Cuttin' Up and the heart is from Cricut Classic Font. I used my Gypsy to line them up so i would print right where I wanted it to on the papers.

Here is the sign they are holding:

I used two 12x12 papers and taped them together. Because my kids are different heights getting the photo was a bit tough, so I taped a ribbon along the back for my son, who is significantly shorter) to hold.

It took me an embarassingly long time (and multiple failed cuts) printing it backwards etc; until I realized you can cut it reading the normal way left to right and then have you kids hold it upside down over their heads.

You will want the centers of the letters. I used dental floss to suspend the centers in the middle of the letters. It doens't need to be pretty, it won't show up on the shadow!

I hope you enjoy this project today. We would love to see what you have come up with for Father's Day as well.  Head over to Cooking with Cricut and link up your projects!

I would love some new blog followers and any feedback you might have about this or any of my other crafts. Leave me a comment and I'll head over to your blog as well!


  1. I LOVE this. What a great idea!

  2. Great idea. I'm going to use it with my class for them to give their dad's for fathers day.

  3. So simple but amazing results

  4. Thank you for sharing such a great idea! We are giving the picture to my husband for Father's Day!


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