Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cooking with Cricut: It's HOT Outside!

This week at Cooking with Cricut we're celebrating all the fun things there are to do in and around water, and it's the perfect challenge to showcase my most favorite idea of all time, lol!

I was thinking about how too often summer vacation comes and goes and we never get all the stuff done we had hoped to do: we would forget things we wanted or just not make time to do them. So this year I came up with...

A Sandbucket List!

It's a list of all the things we want to do this summer. There are some little ideas (go out to ice cream) and some bigger ideas. We sat as  family one night and everyone contributed something to the list. Then I got to make it pretty :)

I used "Life's a Beach" for all the cuts.

  • Bulletin Board
  • Royal blue paper to staple to the background
  • 5 Tacks (one at each corner of the bulletin board and one on the bottom center)
  • Twine (to wrap around the perimeter of the board  - wrap it around each tack to secure it)
  • Mini Clothespins (found mine at Micheal's)
  • Everything else is just paper/glue and my Cricut to make the shapes

Here is what is on our list:

  1. Teach Ryan to read
  2. Make homemade bread and homemade butter to put it on
  3. Wash the cars in our bathing suits (just the kids will be doing this one, lol!)
  4. Go to a baseball game
  5. Take swim lessons
  6. Make a homemade birthday cake for Daddy's birthday
  7. Go on a picnic
  8. Camp out in the backyard
  9. Ride our scooters down the big hill ( only!)
  10. Make homemade lemonade from lemons
  11. Learn to do a handstand (our daughter's goal)
  12. Explore lots of different playgrounds
  13. Go to the beach
  14. Teach Annie to ride her bike without training wheels
  15. Go to Minnesota
  16. Make banana boats (a yummy campfire treat)
  17. Fence in the backyard
  18. Ride and airplane
  19. Ride on a train
  20. Make and ice cream cake from scratch
  21. Go to North Conway
  22. Walk to the farmer's market and buy flowers
  23. Have our cousins over for a sleepover (no parents allowed!)
  24. Eat outside on the patio at the Olive Garden
  25. Learn to ide a scooter with both feet on it (our son's goal)
  26. Go to Ericksons (the local ice cream shop)
  27. Go camping with Papa in his backyard
  28. Go on a kids vacation to Grammie and Grampa's house without our parents 
  29. Go to a drive-in movie
  30. Go camping
  31. Sit out on the porch at night and look at the stars
  32. Read Make Way for Ducklings at the park in Boston
  33. Fly a kite
  34. See as many different license plates as we can and keep a list
  35. Watch an entire Red Sox game on TV (our husband is already proficient at this, lol)
  36. Go the the Children's Discovery Museum (a local place)
  37. Climb a tree (kids)
  38. Go strawberry picking
  39. Go to The New England Aquarium with our neighbors
  40. Sleep over at Great Grammie's house
  41. Swim in the ocean
  42. Build a giant sand castle
  43. Read Harry Potter (our daughter's goal)

We are super excited for this summer and to do everything on our list!

I'm entering this project at My Craft Spot in their Summer Colors Challenge!

I'd love to see what kind of crafts you are coming up with to celebrate summer and all the fun stuff to do in/around water. Head over to Cooking with Cricut to link up your project.

I would love any feedback you have and always appreciate new blog followers. Leave me a comment and I'll head over and check out your blog as well!


  1. This is the neatest idea, Melissa! Love all the great Cricut cuts and fun ideas you and your family came up with!

  2. I think you knocked out a few of these this past week! So good to see you! I hope you finally made it home!

  3. Melissa I think this is the most amazing idea! I love that the whole family is involved. Great goals and great way to remind you of what you want to do, Such a wonderfully fun colorful way to have a bucket list.

  4. This is such a fun idea! Have fun doing all those things. Thanks for playing at My Craft Spot.

  5. I am SO impressed with this project!! What a fantastic idea - and it looks fabulous too! Enjoy completing all those fun activities on your sandbucket list!!

    Thanks so much for playing along with us at My Craft Spot!

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