Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby Bath Gift Set

To go along with the crab card I made for my last post this is the gift. I got the idea off of pinterest (of course!) I took a frappucino box and covered it in coordinating papers. I had some sticky-backed ribbon that applied over the top and edges to make it look more finished. I put two hooded towels, baby body wash, and a bottle of bubbles inside.

All the cuts are from my cricut. The sides have a crab border from Life's a Beach placed over an embossed pink layer. (I was annoyed with myself when I realized I forgot to emboss the brown paper before adhering it to the frappucino box, but decided pulling it off and trying to fix it would probably only make matters worse!)

The front and back have cuts from Once Upon a Princess. That cartridge has an adorable little mermaid on it that I have been waiting to use,  and this was the perfect occassion!

 The eyes of the mermaid are cut out. You can cut cheeks and lips in pink to glue on, however I opted to draw a nose and mouth (this is just further proof to me that I NEED some peechy keen face stamps, haha!)

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