Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mini Princess Dress Cards

We made an art kit for my daughters friend and she wanted me to make some "princess cards" to put in it. I don't own any Disney cartridges so I had to put on my thinking cap! I pulled out Once Upon a Princess and realized that a lot of the dresses could be altered to look like the Disney Princesses' gowns. It's amazing what merely changing the colors of things alters how they look!

I have now realized that I gave them away before I took photos of them other than these few. I had to take bits and pieces of different dresses and hide some aspects and weld other aspects together on the gypsy. (Snow whites red stripes I think were supposed to be shoes, lol)!

All in all they turned out to be very sweet little note cards that the girls adored!


  1. Awwwww, these little princess note cards are adorable

  2. Oh My! These are fantastic! Amazing what some imagination and your gypsy can do! Terrific job!

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